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The lightest modification at World of Tanks. Track your World of Tanks progress – with progression graphs, and at different time intervals. Calculate the popular WN8 rating for players, player vehicles, both overall and for intervals.

[] FDMOD PACK EN v3.54

The author of this package mods combined into one the best, efficient, informative mods for the World of Tanks Author: Frost_DeatH

7 6

Mod List:

FDMOD mix 2.16
​Frost icons
New icons – ammo, equipment
Highligted railway wagons
Improved damage indicator
Crew extended
Jimbo crosshair
Zayaz damage panel
Team HP bar
Dmg reciever in chat
Hitlog – real wn8 ingame
White wrecks HD
YasenKrasen stats
HangMan – hangar manager
I am spotted
locastan UT voices
Sounds – fire – spotted
Zoom X30
Safe Shot



Copy the folders “res” and “res_mods” to the root of the game.



FDMOD_EN_1.9.0.2 (48.15Mb)

[] Apollo’s Pack

Modpack from Apollo – is a whole assembly of legal and prohibited modifications. A feature of modpack is a convenient installer, where you’ll be able to select only the necessary mod for game. In this assembly you will find everything you need and even more. All mods are checked for viruses – viruses are not available. The structure of modpack includes:

– free license to SAE

– BlackWot aimbot

– WOT Tweaker

– Re-load marker

– Arty reload timer

– Bosomi OTM Reload time

– Hangar for current version

4.jpg.e9c590a13134b51f8cfd2e4f1e075599 3.jpg.a56d0385ae4ab09e9f8186b70ceb5cb7 5.jpg.a9e4b7d4deacba0d4615ce0371713481


Apollos Packk v2.0.1 (24 MB)

9.18 will be soon

robert the tanker

robert the tanker at World of Tanks – mods and community

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uplna chujovina

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robil som si srandu s kamosa…. xD nestahovat

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Heliomalt XVM Modpack v1.12.0 for World of Tanks 1.4.0

Download Heliomalt XVM Modpack

Heliomalt XVM Modpack v1.12.0 for World of Tanks 1.4.0

Heliomalt modpack has an installer that allows you to choose different XVM configurations as well as several selected mods that you do not need to install. Mods are installed exclusively in the mods and res_mods folder, the download takes place in the main WoT directory in the Heliomalt subfolder. Therefore, there is no need to look for installing different mods and modifications.

The installer has the ability to clear the mod, the res_mods folder and the WoT cache before installing, without deleting settings (preferences.xml) and any existing XVM settings. The “Remove WoT Cache” option should be selected during the first installation and, as a rule, no longer needed.


There are two versions of XVM available as a base configuration, one version (minimal), which only makes changes in the hangar and the second version (standard) adds some additional features in the battle. Below is a list of the most important functions:

In the hangar:

  • Gold and Free XP Locker
  • Premium buttons removed
  • 3 rows of tanks
  • all perks are visible (up to 8 pieces)
  • Clock and purse box removed
  • Active reserves with icons and timer
  • Extended information in a pop-up window
  • Automatic return Crew by default
  • camouflage net and tool box
  • checkboxes in the barracks
  • automatic entry (not at minimum XVM)
  • check of modpacks in the hangar
  • information about the server in the moved head of the hangar
  • daily and general statistics
  • Gunmark with progress

In the battle:

  • HP team display
  • tank class display with counter
  • alternatively standard
  • XVM marker
  • badge for players in the friends list
  • spotted marker for the opposing team
  • remote player panel switch
  • can be switched using Ctrl + Tab
  • display of the mark on the player panel
  • dots panel hits
  • if necessary, expanded display on the player’s panel and on the minimap when pressing ALT, including the name of the tank and the player,
  • extended circles on the minimap
  • HP display with a circle for each tank on the minimap
  • Repair timers on the damage panel
  • Safe Shot can be disabled by holding down the F12 key
  • much more

Important!!! This modpack can use players with color blindness.

In addition to the settings in World of Tanks, the installer offers two more tools for color blind. After setting up “Blindness”, go to the HP Team panel, which is also customizable. Therefore, if the option “With the HP Bar team” is selected, check the “Additional support for color blindness” box.


Heliomalt XVM Modpack (130 MB)

Modpack GeeMod 2 for World of Tanks [1.4.0]

Geemod 2 modpack

Modpack GeeMod 2 for World of Tanks [1.4.0]

To optimize the appearance of the World of Tanks, the gamer can install modpack GeeMod 2. Modpack is an updated version of the well-known modpack Geemod, which contains a number of mods that perform functions to eliminate the appearance of the game. The assembly software will help you quickly deliver the necessary modifications to the client without spending time searching.

Modpack installer has its own unique style, in which you can update the range provided, as well as manually choose the content to install. Each version has a description of its features, as well as screenshots that help you see how it looks in the game.
In the list of mods there are those that change the look of the sight, icons, and also provide another functionality.

Download modpack for WOT 1545989515_2-min 1545989567_3-min

The player only needs to select the necessary ones and click on the installation, after which GeeMod 2 will automatically install the selected set of modifications. This will help the user quickly download the necessary content to the client without spending time finding suitable modifications, but concentrating on battles and attempts to win them. A competent selection of modifications will significantly increase the chances of a successful game.


GeeMod 2 modpack (2 MB)

[1.2.0] Session Statistics from WorstUnicumEU

The battle ended and you would like to know about the battle so here is best fit detailed statistics of the battle from the author WorstUnicumEU . Author remade and improve version from PMOD. Here you will find:

– Free HP

– Crew HP

– Kills

– Deaths

– Hits

– Wins

– Penetrations

– WN8

– Damage Asissted

– Damage Blocked

– much more




Delete all previous files in the res_mods folder. Then copy the content to your res_mods folder in your World_of_Tanks directory


Session Statistics (1 MB)

WoT Tweaker Plus for 1.2.0

Meet one of the best programs to raise the FPS game.
This program can turn off any effects and texture compression of the game. The program is included in the ModPack by Jove and it is fully compatible with the update 1.2.0

Wot tweaker plus eng


In this program, there is only one drawback – it is completely in Russian. But do not worry for you, we have translated it into English.

Wot tweaker plus eng2

Game folder path: CGamesWorld_of_Tanks

  • EXPERIMENTAL: disable multi-core support
  • Preload sounds
  • High details (uncheck to decrease)
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Wreckage smoke
  • Shot smoke and flames
  • Shell explosion effects
  • Tank hit effects
  • Tank destruction effects
  • Object hit effects
  • Object destruction effects
  • Tree motion effects
  • Clouds
  • Intro movie
  • Disable noobs in allied team =)
  • Texture Repack


  • Download and unzip.
  • Run the file “WoTTweakerPlus.09201.exe”
  • Put a mark beside the effects that you want to disable.
  • Put the degree of texture compression and press the “Clear”


WoTTweaker (572 kb)

Hangar Wotspeak for World of Tanks 1.2.0

Every time we try to surprise our players new mods with additional features and advantages. But mod that we want to offer today does not apply to such. This mod does not have any extra features or additional functions. It’s just a black hangar in a minimalist style.
Having installed the mod itself you will get a dark hangar and a bright spot in the center of the garage, thanks to which the inscription Wotspeak is perfectly visible. If you are a fan of this modpack or a fan of minimalist style, then this mod is for you. Perhaps the main advantage of mod is the fact that it does not sit on  FPS and is excellent for owners of weak computers.




Hangar Wotspeak (4 MB)