[1.2.0] PMOD Package

PMOD – a complex modification is not modpak is a single mode. It allows you to improve the gameplay and offers many new features previously unavailable to the player.

PMOD Package:
Session Statistics
Custom System Messages – Battle Results
Remember last login server / Skip intro video (disabled – managed by XVM)
Camera Stabilization
Auto Equip replaceable equipment – Toolbox, Camo Net, Binoculars (disabled)
Message Cleaner – auto hides messages: “Welcome”, “Repairs:”, “The ammunition”, “You have not changed your password”, “Crew member successfully transferred”
Camera Options: no blur (disabled), flashbang, no camera shake, no dynamic camera
Free Camera for replays
Activate with F3 during replay
No Binocular effect on zoom
Zoom Indicator
Zoom In – up to 64x – currently set @16x maximum
Zoom Out option (disabled)
No Scroll Option (disabled)
Scroll Sensitivity (disabled)
Custom Server Crosshair (disabled)
Battle Chat cleaner / filter (disabled)
and a few more

Default config file – the file with the mod and the single-config. Suitable for most users.
Extended config file – the file with the mod and multifile config. Suitable for users who collect modpacks.

How to install:

Copy the archive folder “res_mods” in the folder where you installed tanks
If you ask the replacement of files or folders can accept or refuse, there is no difference.


PMOD_ver_1.2.0_36-0 (2 MB)

[1.2.0] Coloured lights of selected tank in carousel

You can improve your hangar interface with mod colored lights of selected tank in carousel.

Mod almost does not have practical use and does not give the player an advantage in battle. You can only improve your hangar interface and get comfortable and intuitive carousel in the hangar. But it is great. Now you can get  bright, illuminates carousel of tanks and can accurately select only one tank, which you need for battle. Player expect 10 different color variants of mod. Author of modification is Atmaxx.

Mod Features:
– Mod does not conflict with XVM and modpacks
– You can choose the illuminated contours or contours of tanks + background

Image 4

Image 3Image 2


Copy the folders gui  and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.2.0/


carousel  (1 MB)

[1.2.0] Mod “Lost time” – statistics for the session, tanks, maps, etc.

You can get information about World of Tanks player by looking at his statistics. For some, this data does not matter. For others very important. And it becomes clear why the “Lost Time” mod appeared, displaying statistics for the session, tanks, maps and much more.

Under the confusing name are hidden truly grandiose possibilities of this modification. Thanks to it, a lot of very necessary and detailed information appears in the system channel. Statistics of the receipt of game silver and the accumulation of experience; the damage that the equipment received in combat and the costs associated with it;  bans, time spent in hot fights.

Of course, there are combat effectiveness ratings (EFF, WGR and others). Information about the last battle is painted as if in the battle to the player’s tank was attached a lot of fixing devicesand video cameras.

There are data on which the “tanker” can easily determine how successful the battles of the current session were. Or vice versa, it was not worth playing this time. Several shameful “sinks” of the team have brought to naught all the previous positive results.

In addition, the modification has a lot of settings. Using them, you can display data on one parameter, and do not use the others. There are options for assigning “hot” keys, with the help of which interesting data can be seen not only in the hangar but also during the battle.

Mod is available in two versions:

  • Main: EXE-installer, contains mod, all popular skins, and documentation;
  • For developers: ZIP-archive, contains mod and documentation;

Installation Instructions:

  • Run the installer mod
  • Select a folder with the game
  • Choose your favorite skin
  • Install skin

The main configuration file for the mod is located here:
WOT res_mods configs BBMods TimeSpent.json


TimeSpent- (48 MB)

Hawg’s modpack [] v9.22

Many players well-known author Hawg’s. On our site we pressended his mod – Hawg’s Alternative XVM and this version XVM is very popular now. This author makes mods that will bring you an advantage in the game, but with no penalty since all presented mods in the assembly are completely official. The essence of each modification is as much as possible to help the player. Modpack included completely all mods from this author.

There are 30 mods inside:

–  Xvm from author
– x60  zoom
– Arty zoom out
– Hawg’s AutoLogin
– Hawg’s Average Damage indicator
–  Battle Score
– Damage Log from Hawg

Hawg's modpack

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s 2 to 4 row Carousel
– High Caliber indicator
– Hitlog from modder
– Platoon icon markers
– Tank Sky Zoom Out
– Mod Postmortem Helper
– Mod Total HP Tracker
– Sixth Sense mod
– Real Time Battle Score
– Contour Icons from
– Blue Sky Dome
– Damage Indicator
– Hawg’s Damage Panel
– Paintball
– Mod Small Carousel Flags

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s RadialMenu
– Hawg’s UnderWater
– Hawg’s WOT players button
– Mark of Excellence from author
– Army Shell’s

The author regularly updates and improves his modifications, so in this modpack you will find only actual and maximally practical mods.


HawgPack_9.22_1.1.0.1 (55 MB)

Modified sights World of Warplanes Green Edition for World of Tanks 1.0.2 of Andre_V

Image 2


I present to you the green sight for your favorite games. Sights are taken out of the game WORLD OF Warplanes, display all the information you need to have a beautiful markers and reload animation, comfortable enough. Clearly visible on any maps. In the archive you will find an arcade, sniper + mix.


Content copied and pasted this way: res_mods 1.0.2


World of Warplanes Green Edition (888 KB)

Damage panel from KobkaG for World of Tanks 1.0.2

Mod damage panel from KobkaG for WOT 1.0.2 is a joint creation of two authors – GambitER + KobkaG with the movement of the tank’s strength panel in the center of the screen and the ability to heal the crew and repair the modules via CTRL + left mouse button.
The panel was completely redesigned from scratch. Thanks to this, instead of just a log of the received damage, an extended one was added to the panel. Who does not like the panel of damages from Zayaz, but want to repair the center, then this panel is for you.

This mod shows the type of gun,  time of its recharging. Such data in battle – is very important. But there is another useful function for this modification. If the player’s tank is “downed by the tracks”, then the icon does not light up as in the usual lower left corner, but in the diameter from the sight. And the repair time timer counts down immediately.
All information about the technique before your eyes. Nothing is distracting from the process of sending enemy equipment to the dump.

Mini version of the panel.

Damage panel from KobkaGDownload Damage panel from KobkaG

Especially for people who play on laptops or on small monitors, the author made a mini version of this panel. It decreased and-for the cleaned tank, so the chat fell down. The panel looks very cool.


  • Install the font.
  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.


DamagePanel KobkaG (2 MB)

Server sight for World of Tanks 1.0.2

Until now, many tankers do not know what is a difference between a client and server scope. In this article we will try understand these concepts. So in the game uses the server and client scope. When pointing at the aim player uses  the client scope. But as you noticed, there are times when a player brought on purpose, made a shot, but there was not a result.

What happened and how to avoid it? The fact that the client sight can fit in sight but the server is not yet. In this case there is  desync between the sights and as a result player miss. But with the help of sight, you can avoid a similar fate. Mod Server sight will replace the standard option on a markers and useful. In the game you will have a comfortable marker, which will help you better aiming.

In the archive you will find 14 options to choose markers. Also there is a scope for the server arty. In the screenshots below are options:


Copy folder scripts in the WOT / res_mods / 1.0.2/
Turn on the server scope in the game settings menu by clicking on “the Esc”, select “Settings” and check the box “Use server-sight.” (An important step! Without it, the server scope will not work.)
In the catalog “set markers for server scopes” can be found 14 different variants of the markers for server scope.

To install, do the following:

Copy the desired scope in the WOT res_mods 1.0.2

scripts client gui mods mod_server_crosshair_extended advance renaming the file selected in sight «gun_marker_standart.dds»


Server scope (400 KB)

MeltyMap’s MathMod 1.0.2 for WoT

This mod was sourced from the Chinese Community Forums and is under development by MeltyMap. Adapted to the world of tanks 1.0.2

Update: 12.06.2018


mathmodtd mathmodfaq mathmodtank

MeltyMap’s Math Mod 1.0.2

MeltyMap’sMathMod features:
– Minimalistic, Futuristic and Effective design
– Auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode
– Dynamic speed threshold circle with loading indicator
– Dynamic speed threshold circle for arcade and sniper mode
– Dynamic speed threshold circles for strategic mode, with size dependable of map scale and current zoom
– Old server side cross-hairs
– Accurate damage indicator with 15s timer countdown
– Displaying current zoom level in sniper mode
– Target reloading time display
– Target chance to spot player in percentage and color coded distance display
– Target armor in current aim
– Player tank gun penetration in correct distance
– Target armor arc and penetration possibility


MeltyMap’s Protractor Mod features:
– Minimap enhancement
– Minimap zoom
– 445m spotting circle on MiniMap, with configurable size
– Maximum distance of drawing view box
– Gun Arc Critical Angle rulers
– Gun Constrains lines for MiniMap
– Precise vector strategic cursor for MiniMap
– Gun Direction lines for MiniMap
– Orange alert when battle timer reaches given time amount
– Effective armor calculation for all vehicles
– In-Game real-time clock

Update, fix:
fixed zoom script’s now mod is compatible with Battle-assistant.


  • Download and unzip
  • Folder 1.0.2 Copy and paste the folder World_of_Tanks res_mods


MeltyMaps.Version Andre_V   (1.5 Mb)


MeltyMap’s ProtractorMod 09701 [Critical Angles]

Arty MeltyMap sight