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Last updated at 2:39, 2 Jan 2017
Uploaded at 2:39, 2 Jan 2017

This is for those who want to change the image of their crew memebers!!

Instructions come with the download but if nothing works/ or that your not sure what to do, feel free to message me!!
I’ll be glad to help!!


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Crew Location Number

Ok, when you want to change your current crew icon to “Whatever” you want, first you must make sure the pic is
100 width X 60 height pixels and must have the same image in the 3 folders (Barracks/Big/Small)… now before you go changing your crew icon first you must know what number your current crew has! when you install this mod it will show those numbers instead of the crew itself! once you find out what number they have, make sure your image is 100X60 and make sure you rename it the same as the number icon (Ex: my Chinese commander is number 8, and the image name is “china-8” rename your new image to china-8) copy it to the 3 folders, it should ask you “would you like to replace the files” click confirm and then you’ve done it!! instructions will also come with the download!