[1.2.0] Session Statistics from WorstUnicumEU

The battle ended and you would like to know about the battle so here is best fit detailed statistics of the battle from the author WorstUnicumEU . Author remade and improve version from PMOD. Here you will find:

– Free HP

– Crew HP

– Kills

– Deaths

– Hits

– Wins

– Penetrations

– WN8

– Damage Asissted

– Damage Blocked

– much more




Delete all previous files in the res_mods folder. Then copy the content to your res_mods folder in your World_of_Tanks directory


Session Statistics (1 MB)

Hangar Wotspeak for World of Tanks 1.2.0

Every time we try to surprise our players new mods with additional features and advantages. But mod that we want to offer today does not apply to such. This mod does not have any extra features or additional functions. It’s just a black hangar in a minimalist style.
Having installed the mod itself you will get a dark hangar and a bright spot in the center of the garage, thanks to which the inscription Wotspeak is perfectly visible. If you are a fan of this modpack or a fan of minimalist style, then this mod is for you. Perhaps the main advantage of mod is the fact that it does not sit on  FPS and is excellent for owners of weak computers.




Hangar Wotspeak (4 MB)

[1.2.0] Coloured lights of selected tank in carousel

You can improve your hangar interface with mod colored lights of selected tank in carousel.

Mod almost does not have practical use and does not give the player an advantage in battle. You can only improve your hangar interface and get comfortable and intuitive carousel in the hangar. But it is great. Now you can get  bright, illuminates carousel of tanks and can accurately select only one tank, which you need for battle. Player expect 10 different color variants of mod. Author of modification is Atmaxx.

Mod Features:
– Mod does not conflict with XVM and modpacks
– You can choose the illuminated contours or contours of tanks + background

Image 4

Image 3Image 2


Copy the folders gui  and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.2.0/


carousel  (1 MB)