[] Apollo’s Pack

Modpack from Apollo – is a whole assembly of legal and prohibited modifications. A feature of modpack is a convenient installer, where you’ll be able to select only the necessary mod for game. In this assembly you will find everything you need and even more. All mods are checked for viruses – viruses are not available. The structure of modpack includes:

– free license to SAE

– BlackWot aimbot

– WOT Tweaker

– Re-load marker

– Arty reload timer

– Bosomi OTM Reload time

– Hangar for current version

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Apollos Packk v2.0.1 (24 MB)

9.18 will be soon

0.9.18 Sight Fatality by Luxz (F0RZA)

Hi friends!
Your attention is a great sight – Fatality for WOT 0.9.18. The sight made in 3 different versions: from light version, minimalist and futuristic. All three options can be switched directly using the settings in the game run.


This sight is very simple and easy to configure. The sight will tell you when the remaining 1 projectile into ammo or health by 1 shot. With this sight , you will always know when to shoot!



Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.18/, confirming a replacement.


Pricel Fatality (3 Mb)

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Dark hangar for World of Tanks 0.9.18


Non-standard and unexpected, new, dark hangar with the included lighting.

We represented a large number of light, bright and festive hangars, now it’s time to introduce something new. Dark hangar for World of Tanks 0.9.18. What actually is this hangar like? Rather, it is a garage with lighting off, as we can be clearly seen sun rays through the window at the top of the garage. Probably on the street clear, cloudless day.

In the construction of the reign twilight and complete silence. After a hard and intense battle difficult to find the best place where you can take a breath . Author of mod is PigBrains.



Dark hangar (3 MB)

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The Relhax Modpack for WOT 9.18


The Relhax Modpack for WOT 9.18

Friends! Today we want to present a new modpack, more precisely not entirely new, but well-known to you. This is a new version of the well-known, old modpack which called OMC modpack. The author and his team decided to radically change their modpack.

Modpack Features

  • The presence of mods necessary for a good battle
  • 100% official mods for use of which you will not suffer punishment
  • New modpack interface
  • Fast download speed and installation.
    Thanks to the new templates, the author has made his assembly the fastest on downloading and now modpack has the fastest installer in.
  • An important and useful feature in this modpack, we want to note – the possibility of a separate choice of mods and preview voice and images in mods.
  • There is a possibility of increasing the font for each mod


All these features and benefits will be uniquely enjoyed by users and will make this assembly one of the most popular for World of Tanks.

The main thing! So far this is only the first beta version of modpack, so it may have some errors, but the author is actively working on improving and correcting all possible errors. Modpack will be updated – stay tuned for the latest version.


The Relhax Modpack (3 MB)


The players rating without XVM in the battle [0.9.18]

3 (1)

XVM mod is simply indispensable for players. It shows players with a personal rating and rating players in team. So you will know whith whom you will be playing in the team. But players with weak PC can not use it because it use too many resources.

But mod  personal rating in battle without XVM 0.9.18 will help and will not plant a FPS. To demonstrate personal player rating, mod uses WG rating, which is produced by WG API. In the archive you will find 2 choices of mod:

– Rating WGR
– Rating EFF

Recall that the EFF Rating displays % wins +  the number of battles. A Rating WGR – this is the scale that determines the efficiency of the player, it is the replacement XVM mod. Lovers and professionals can be distinguished by color:

red – noob

brown – very bad player

yellow – bad player

green – norm

blue – good

purple – cheater

Plus mod has easy and affordable configuration file:
WOT res_mods configs StatsInBattle StatsInBattle.json. Do not forget to use program NotePad++.

3 (1)shot_311


The players rating without XVM (20 MB)

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Full list of changes for update 9.18


We can safely call the update 9.18 – global. But many players are not familiarized with the list of all innovations and additions. For these players we offer this article.

What we can awaits from patch 9.18?

In short, this update will pleasantly surprise theirs fans. In this patch we are waiting for a lot of changes.

  • Changes in artillery
  • Light tanks will be recycled
  • A new mechanic will be added
  • Cardinal changes with balancer

More about the latest innovation

Template Matchmaker

  • This is a new kind of balancing of tanks before the battle, which will form teams according to pre-prepared templates. Priority will be fighting: 3 * 5 * 7. This means 3 tanks in the top, 5 in the middle, and 7 at the end of the list. For example, 3 tanks ten level, 5 tanks nine level and 7 tanks eight level. This is done to ensure that the tanks of the eighth level were comfortable playing against the tanks of the 10th level.
  • Platoons are allowed one level
  • No more than three arty tanks in team
  • Teams are balanced on light tanks and destroyer tank, means that difference between these types of tanks should be the same
  • Priority sending the player to the middle of the list or the top if before that he spent several games at the bottom of the list
  • Improved the mechanism for rotating maps. TNow the probability of falling out of the same map in the period of the game session will decrease.

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Update 9.18. Release date


From reliable sources, we known about date of new update  9.18 . I’m sure all players have long been in anticipation and waiting for a new patch. This update has serious innovations and long-awaited changes. Of the special changes we want to note the  each player problem with balance. The balancer is the topic that was raised every time on the players’ forums. But we hasten to please you at last the developers listened to the needs and requirements of the players and decided to remove this problem.

Update 9.18

In update 9.18, this problem will be solved with the help of a new algorithm developed by the developers. The new system will select tanks into battle by new criteria. The choice of tanks in the battle will now be much honest. The characteristic of many tanks will also change.

The main question remains – when do we expect this large-scale update? As sources say, this update will be very soon. Or rather, in April. Previously, all the patches first came out in the RU-region, since it was the largest, and then spread to the European, American and Asian regions. This time the situation will be somewhat different.

Initially, the patch starts in the North American region and it will be the next Tuesday, April 18th. And then players of RU-region will be able to evaluate it. This is done in order to check how the patch will pass, and then to make it public for a large region. This action is one-off. Then the situation with the release of patches will be the same.

Release date of update 9.18:

– The release date on the EU – April 18th
– Released on RU – April 26-27th
– Released on Asia – May 4th

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Video update 9.18


Today there is an available common test, which you can download here. Update 9.18 promises to be ambitious and full of changes. The players expect a lot of pleasant surprises and innovations. For example, light tanks of level 10, new markers, a new alternative sight, changes with artillery and of course the main change is a new algorithm for the balancer.

Now that would get into the battle will take into account a completely different parameters of technology. Unequal battles with the level of technology higher or  number arty tanks in opponents team are already in the past. More details about all these changes, see in video below.

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