Yet Another Contour Mod []

Yet Another Contour Mod for World of Tanks Author: Panzerleiter


shot_147 shot_148 shot_163

A word about opacity of the icons: I use the Over-target Marker mod by Nicolas Siver (still works for 1.0.0) that was subsequently incorporated into XVM, which I do not use.  His editor for this mod allows one to adjust the icon opacity.  (You can download the OTM mod at the link below.  The settings are mine, but you can use the included editor to alter them in the OTMData.xml file as you please.)  Mine are fairly opaque, as you can tell from the screenshots below, but still allow me to see through them.  You can take the diaphanousness as far as you want.


Download and unzip the file

Choose a version of the mod

Res_mods folder to copy and paste in the game directory


YACM (9 Mb)

[] J1mB0 Contour Icon Mod v 1.67 for World of Tanks

Two versions of the beautiful contour icons. Author: J1mB091. Compatible with World of Tanks

The first version:


The second version:



Settings for the second version:


How to install:

Copy the “” folder from v1 or v2 to: …WORLD OF TANKSRES_MODS

Changelog v 1.67:

  • World of Tanks v0. supported


J1mB0s Contour Icon Mod (7 MB)

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Minimalistic tank icons for WOT


Many players do not like too informative and overloaded mods. They prefer minimalism. There are sights, hangars, and even icons of this type. Today we represent  icons such types. Meet the mod from PigBrains and corecroft27. These are icons that will display a minimum of information, but the maximum benefit.

Firstly, the tanks are divided in colors, and premium tanks will differ in the picture with coins. To save space and not overload the screen. Nickname of the player will be replaced with the name of the tanks. You can also choose any of the two suggested options: empty – there will be only icons of tanks and text – there will be icons + name of tanks.
Plus, in addition the author separately divided the stereo icons for XVM (for those who use XVM)


mini-icons (10 MB)

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