[] FDMOD PACK EN v3.54

The author of this package mods combined into one the best, efficient, informative mods for the World of Tanks Author: Frost_DeatH

7 6

Mod List:

FDMOD mix 2.16
​Frost icons
New icons – ammo, equipment
Highligted railway wagons
Improved damage indicator
Crew extended
Jimbo crosshair
Zayaz damage panel
Team HP bar
Dmg reciever in chat
Hitlog – real wn8 ingame
White wrecks HD
YasenKrasen stats
HangMan – hangar manager
I am spotted
locastan UT voices
Sounds – fire – spotted
Zoom X30
Safe Shot



Copy the folders “res” and “res_mods” to the root of the game.



FDMOD_EN_1.9.0.2 (48.15Mb)

[] Apollo’s Pack

Modpack from Apollo – is a whole assembly of legal and prohibited modifications. A feature of modpack is a convenient installer, where you’ll be able to select only the necessary mod for game. In this assembly you will find everything you need and even more. All mods are checked for viruses – viruses are not available. The structure of modpack includes:

– free license to SAE

– BlackWot aimbot

– WOT Tweaker

– Re-load marker

– Arty reload timer

– Bosomi OTM Reload time

– Hangar for current version

4.jpg.e9c590a13134b51f8cfd2e4f1e075599 3.jpg.a56d0385ae4ab09e9f8186b70ceb5cb7 5.jpg.a9e4b7d4deacba0d4615ce0371713481


Apollos Packk v2.0.1 (24 MB)

9.18 will be soon

Hawg’s modpack [] v9.22

Many players well-known author Hawg’s. On our site we pressended his mod – Hawg’s Alternative XVM and this version XVM is very popular now. This author makes mods that will bring you an advantage in the game, but with no penalty since all presented mods in the assembly are completely official. The essence of each modification is as much as possible to help the player. Modpack included completely all mods from this author.

There are 30 mods inside:

–  Xvm from author
– x60  zoom
– Arty zoom out
– Hawg’s AutoLogin
– Hawg’s Average Damage indicator
–  Battle Score
– Damage Log from Hawg

Hawg's modpack

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s 2 to 4 row Carousel
– High Caliber indicator
– Hitlog from modder
– Platoon icon markers
– Tank Sky Zoom Out
– Mod Postmortem Helper
– Mod Total HP Tracker
– Sixth Sense mod
– Real Time Battle Score
– Contour Icons from
– Blue Sky Dome
– Damage Indicator
– Hawg’s Damage Panel
– Paintball
– Mod Small Carousel Flags

Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack Hawg's modpack
– Hawg’s RadialMenu
– Hawg’s UnderWater
– Hawg’s WOT players button
– Mark of Excellence from author
– Army Shell’s

The author regularly updates and improves his modifications, so in this modpack you will find only actual and maximally practical mods.


HawgPack_9.22_1.1.0.1 (55 MB)

Warhammer Modpack – mods from the Clan Blood Ravens for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Installing modpack from the Blood Ravens, each gamer guarantees a more attractive and unique recreation process, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. The assembly of mods in the style of Warhammer is not only convenient in the installation process, as indicated by the installer with a nice design and a lot of hints about installing a particular configuration, but also directly on the battlefield.

After reading the name of the topic, it’s not hard to guess that all the modifications in the assembly are made in the style of Warhammer. The creator tried to maximize the use of his skills and the presence in the game of the ability to improve in order to help gamers enjoy every detail.

The assembly contains a large number of artillery, sniper and arcade sights, there is the possibility to change the game voice, panel damage, log damage, panel display modules of the machine, light sixth sense, hangar type, display after combat statistics in the hangar, XVM, personal indicators during battle and much more.


Warhammer Modpack (513 MB)

Wotspeak v00 – forbidden modpack for WOT

Forbidden modpack Wotspeak is one of the most popular cheat modpacks. Here you can find all you need for high-quality and effective battle. From smart autoaim that will do all important work for you and end enemy’s recharge timer.

Modpack has legal and cheat modification, so modpack is forbidden by developers. If you used this assembly you can get ban. Be careful do not lay out replays from battles and screenshots from the game.

Date of update May 02nd, 2018
Actual for the patch 1.0.1
Current version 00
Author Wotspeak
Size 123 MB

The big advantage of modpack is smart installer that will give information of player about interest modification.



There are such mods in modpack:

  • X-rays (removes all leaves, trees, hills, or other objects which enclose your opponent)
  • Mod Shade revenge on the enemy glare
  • Mod enemies markers: red, orange, blue, green
  • Mod Allied markers
  • Laser pointer. Pointer will show the direction of  enemy’s sight.
  • Mod, which will display a mini map of fallen trees and other damage or change. You will always
  • know place even not glare enemy
  • 4 variants of the smart autoaim. Autoaim, which will calculate the weaknesses of the enemy.
  • Mod enemy’s time recharge. Knowing this information you  without any risk can deliver a crushing blow to the enemy
  • A lot of useful official mods


Download, run the installer and continue to follow the instructions.


Download modpack without a prohibited mod ( 120 MB)

Download Legal modpack full version (319 MB)

Download modpack with prohibited mods full version (319 MB)

Download modpack with prohibited mods light version (124 MB)


OldSkools ProMod Package Patch (06.04.2018)


Autor: Xoff. OldSkools es XVM, Damage Log, Hit Log, Capture Info, Sixth Sense Audio Mod, Fire Audio Mod, Extended Minimap.

Date of update March 29th, 2018
Actual for the patch
Current version 01
Author Xoff
Size 48 MB


Image 40

 • Jimb0s Crosshair
• ProMod SPG Sights
 ProMod SPG Angle Indicator

 Accurate Damage Indicator
• Serverseitiges Crosshair [an/aus Option]
 Zoomout Mod
 Freie Sniperansicht

Standard Damage Panel mit:

– Reperaturfortschritt
– Anzeige von Treffern
– Spieler Informationen




ProMod (2 Mb)

[] Jove Mod Pack Extended v36.4

Best modifications to upgrade in the same mod pack from Jove to World of Tanks. A variety of panel damage, scopes, bullets, tanks, advanced statistics, XVM articles, programs to increase FPS.

The new version of the mod pack for WoT updated convenient installer for Windows, allows you to set mode both individually and collectively.
This assembly is tested with 1.0 and fully working!

Date of update April 04th, 2018
Actual for the patch
Current version 36.4
Author Jove
Size 253 MB

Mod list

1. Convenient sights with angles traverse
2. Scope Shadow Remover 
3. Information panel selected target
4. Panel points:
– How do Jove
– Battle of the player interface zayaz
5. Alarm bells crit (removes national voice acting).
6. Camera Zoom mod.
* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake.
7. Change the look:
* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
*  Hitzones (not all tanks)
* Bright Railway platform on maps
8. Increase visibility
9. Improvements in the hangar:
* Detailed descriptions of the crew skills
* Statistics gaming session
10. Comprehensive XVM mod 
11. WoT Tweaker Plus




JovesModPack_1.0.0.1_v36.4_Extended.exe (269 Mb)

[ModPack] Mods by Jove v36.2 for 1.0

Meet the latest ModPack by Jove v36 for World of Tanks 1.0. We have gathered for you 13 best mods World of Tanks. Update 24.03.2018

List of mods included in this assembly:
Convenient sights:
– Jove sight
– Minimalistic
– Turquoise
– Sight Vspishka
– Sight Amway921
– Sight Murazora
– Super sight of MeltyMap
– Arty- sight ” Sword of Damocles ”
– Arty- sight “TAIPAN”
– Sight as Cyril Oreshkina

Date of update March 25th, 2018
Actual for the patch 1.0
Current version 36.2
Author Jove
Size 253 MB

Useful things:
– Scope Shadow Remover
– Damage indicator
– SafeShot: Disable random shooting corpses and allies
– Calculator Modifications of MeltyMap

Traverse Angle:
– Out of the corner
– Theater
– Big semicircle
– From MeltyMap

Information panel selected target:
– Recharge & review
– Easy panel
– Colour panel

Damage Panel:
– How Jove
– Battle interface by zayaz
– The damage panel by GambitER
– Minimalistic panel by marsoff

Battle chat:
– Notification of the recharge time
– Message History

bell crit

Seclusion camera:
– NoScroll
– Turn off the camera shake dynamic

Changing the appearance of:
– Disabling camouflage and inscriptions
– Hitzones
– Colored decals projectile
– Bright RAILWAY platform on maps

Increase visibility

Improvements in the hangar:
– Statistics gaming session
– Vertical tree development
– List of tanks in two rows
– More filters list tanks
– Displaying the fighting in the platoon
– Ping
– Change in camouflage hangar
– Detailed description of skills
– Clock

Integrated mod XVM:
– Alternative art markers
– “Sprockets” – markers glows in the ears of the opposing team
– Mini-map with sonar – tracking enemies
– Log personal damage: simple and detailed
– Red Stoplight “The Sixth Sense”
– Aka “The Sixth Sense”
– Alternative icons tanks in the ears of the team: three options
WoT Tweaker Plus – program to improve FPS



JovesModPack_1.0_v36.2_Extended.exe (214 Mb)

[1.0] Solo’s Easy ModPack v.00


Convenient installer, a huge selection of useful mods, fast installation and removal – is Solo’s Easy ModPack v.01. Such a large selection of mods you’ve ever seen! All mods are checked for serviceability, so the lag is gone! ModPak compatible with the 1.0 update. Author: soloviyko

Date of update February 15th, 2018
Actual for the patch
Current version 04
Author Soloviyko
Size 56 MB

ModList (picture clickable):


With Updating System:


3 2





It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

Q: After installing the modpack FPS dropped!
A: Some mods that use more system resources:
Minimap from XVM (usually the main reason)
Hangar Ping
Melty’sMap Mod

Q: How to configure the XVM in this mod pack? Getting “root config not found” error.
A: Open the XVM Editor
Click on ‘open’ and select all the .xc files (Located at World_of_Tanks res_mods xvm configs J1mB091……..)
In that folder there are about 30 .xc files. Select them all (e.g: click one and after that click ctrl+a) and click open.
To be on the safe side: make a backup of your xvm folder before you start; if anything goes wrong you can easy go back to your starting point with the backup.
After you are done, save the file as xvm.xc in the folder World_of_Tanks res_mods xvmconfigs

Q: Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A: In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”

Q: Info panel, is in the wrong place or want it in different spot!
A: Find World_of_Tanksres_mods1.0guiscaleformInfoPanel.xml and using Notepad++ edit <location x=”0″ y=”365″/> for each <arcade>, <sniper>, <strategic>, <postmortem>. Test different positions to find the best one.

Q: Backup! Where is it located?
A: It will be in World of Tanks folder.

Q: XVM Updater How to use and where is it?
A: XVM Updater is in res_mods folder. To get the latest Nightly and to keep an old config. Check “Keep old XVM config file” and select XVM version “Latest Nightly”


  • Download and run ModPak
  • Select the mods and options you want to install
  • Select the installation type and any additional tasks you would like the Installer to perform
  • You’re done! Enjoy the game


SoloModPack_v0. (74 Mb)

1.0 will be soon


Hello everyone,

On our site, there was a relatively new, but very functional mod pack that will help you in the battle. Author: RaidenSLO. ModPak compatible with the latest version of the game.

Date of update February 06th, 2018
Actual for the patch 0.9.22
Current version 0
Author RaidenSLO
Size 48 MB

Autoaim indication+snapping
Battle Assistant 
Battle Observer

Colored Tech-Tree
DamageLog 0.4.1 by GambitER 
Damage stickers
Dead white tanks
Direction indicator extended by spooter
Hitlog Announcer 
Mark Of Excellence
Time Spent
Train Wagon Visibility Mod
WN8 by ekspoint 

More sceenshots:

RaidenSLO 1

RaidenSLO 2RaidenSLO 3RaidenSLO 4RaidenSLO 5

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive.

Start WoT CacheCleaner.vbs file and clear the cache of the game.

Install fonts.

Copy the folder res mods and put it in the root of the game. Confirm merge folders.


RaidenSLO_MODPACK_0. (60 Mb)