Modified sights World of Warplanes Green Edition for World of Tanks 1.0.2 of Andre_V

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I present to you the green sight for your favorite games. Sights are taken out of the game WORLD OF Warplanes, display all the information you need to have a beautiful markers and reload animation, comfortable enough. Clearly visible on any maps. In the archive you will find an arcade, sniper + mix.


Content copied and pasted this way: res_mods 1.0.2


World of Warplanes Green Edition (888 KB)

[1.0.1] Sight Warrior for World of Tanks

Sight Warrior – has only a set of the most necessary modifications during the battle.

The sight Warrior uses only the most necessary and essential qualities during the battle:

– Color – bright green, which will be visible on all types of maps.

– A circle of information that will inform you about its ready (it will flash green).

– Good thing for players is the testimony of the enemy armor. This feature is present here. Different colors will inform you about the reservation  level and result of your shot. For example, red means that armor is too thick and your shot will not effect, green – your shot will be successful, yellow – damage.

– On the screen will be shown information about weapons charge and the distance to the target.
– Nickname your enemy
Generally all set for classic, successful and efficient game.




Sight Warrior (300 MB)

Sight “Strike” for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Interest and even more surprised the experienced player a good eye is not so easy. But we will try to do it today. The author of mod is a well-known modder Andre_V. A feature of mod is its color – bright green. The first author was trying to develop a sight that will be suitable for people with poor eyesight. That’s why this color was chosen.

But I’m sure a lot of players it is also useful. Advantages of mod:
– Readable on all types of maps
– Pleasing to the eye
– 3 types of information
– Displays enemy armor thickness
– Animation
– Designed in minimalist style

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How to install:

Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.0.1/, confirming the replacement.


Sight Strike (2 MB)

[1.0.1] The sight Dezertoda for WOT

The sight from author  popular assembly with the  same name Dezertoda

One from the popular modpack is assembly which called Dezertoda, the author is a popular player with  nickname Zayaz. Dezertoda Sight is part of assembly, but now you do not need to download the whole assembly to use  this modification. Mod has such advantages as:

– The ability to customize the sight in hangar
– Sight is designed in overcross style
– An indicator of armor of an enemy tank
– Large and visually noticeable charge indicator
– Animation at the end of charge. Now you will not miss a moment of the end of the charge because it will be colorful and  animated time with flash elements.
– Convenient sight for aiming

How to install:

Copy the gui folders and scripts in WOT / res_mods /


Pricel Desertoda (1 MB)

The crosshair Mjolnir “Hammer of Thor” for WOT

Here is useful and convenient sight Mjolnir  or more known as “Hammer of Thor” .

On our site you will find a large selection of useful, functional, standard and unusual sights for a WOT adapted to version

Today we present the sight Mjolnir Hammer of Thor. The sight has a convenient range of information and number of advantages that will be visible on your screen:

  • Health Points
  •  Recharge time
  •  zoom
  •  Distance to target
  • The amount of your projectiles
  •  The enemy reloading time
  • The name of enemy and its combat vehicle in which you aim

All this information will help you to do a lot of damage to your opponent. Work sight you can see in the screenshots below.




Pritsel Mjolnir (500 KB)

[] Forbidden autoaim “Vanga” for WOT

Vanga – is one of the most functional and useful cheat sights for  World Tanks.

Autoaim Vanga has the most important and necessary characteristics during the battle. Vanga is a forbidden improved autoaim , which has several advantages:

– Automatic calculation of pre-emption. If your opponent moves is not easy to get into it, you need to shoot a little bit in front – it is pre-emption. This sight can calculates  opponents speed and making an accurate to shot on pre-emption itself. Now you can improve your stats considerably.

– Mod has three points of aiming for convenience.  If you know your enemy weakness you will be able to inflict damage at it. You can select the bottom of the housing, its center or aiming the tower.

– Also you will be able to conduct a takeover target  not on the contour of the enemy tank but radius around the tank. You only need to click near the enemy tanks and mod will make the capture automatically.

– Plus, if your opponent in glare on your screen will be a special indicator in the form of three red icons, which will be informed about it.

This mod has useful functions and advantage for the players during the battle, so gamers that use this sight can banned or lock accounts  by developers.



World_of_Tanks res_mods

Keys Numpad6, Numpad9  are responsible for the management of the mod. Customize sights can be editing the configuration file lsdmax_proaim.xml in the scripts folder client mods .


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[] Minimalistic Sight Blue-Light

Meet another version of a blue Sight, which was collected from the other popular sights.  Player Dado_Ze has collected together all the most famous sights in one and get a unique and beautiful blue Lightstone sight. The sight is compatible with the latest update


How to install:

Unpack sight to the root of the game
Download and install fonts.


Blue Light (1 MB)

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[] The sight ProTanki for World of Tanks

Here is one more sight from popular gamers and modders. Today we will show you sight from author  ProTanki modpack. This assembly is every popular among  World of Tanks players.

Today became more and more popular to use sights from famous modders and players in World of Tanks. Thus there were sights from Jove, Jimbo, Vspishka, Maracasy, Dezertoda. Today we bring you the sight from author one of the most popular assemblies – ProTanki.

Of course, such popular players have known all about good mods, that why their mods are perfect.  Fortunately, we have an excellent opportunity also enjoy their own mods. The sight from ProTanki made on the basis of minimalist sight but is the most functional and useful. This mod has been assembled at the request of the top players so accommodates only the most necessary and useful qualities. Mod has many advantages:

– Comfortable accommodation on the screen
– A convenient starting point for sight
– Armor thickness sensor and your shell penetration
– At the end of recharge  phrase “Карать” means “to punish”


Mod will suitable for both beginners and real specialists in this game

How to install:

Copy the gui folder and scripts in WOT / res_mods /


sight_protanki (1 MB)

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