Hangar Wotspeak for World of Tanks 1.2.0

Every time we try to surprise our players new mods with additional features and advantages. But mod that we want to offer today does not apply to such. This mod does not have any extra features or additional functions. It’s just a black hangar in a minimalist style.
Having installed the mod itself you will get a dark hangar and a bright spot in the center of the garage, thanks to which the inscription Wotspeak is perfectly visible. If you are a fan of this modpack or a fan of minimalist style, then this mod is for you. Perhaps the main advantage of mod is the fact that it does not sit on  FPS and is excellent for owners of weak computers.




Hangar Wotspeak (4 MB)

[1.0.1] Sight Warrior for World of Tanks

Sight Warrior – has only a set of the most necessary modifications during the battle.

The sight Warrior uses only the most necessary and essential qualities during the battle:

– Color – bright green, which will be visible on all types of maps.

– A circle of information that will inform you about its ready (it will flash green).

– Good thing for players is the testimony of the enemy armor. This feature is present here. Different colors will inform you about the reservation  level and result of your shot. For example, red means that armor is too thick and your shot will not effect, green – your shot will be successful, yellow – damage.

– On the screen will be shown information about weapons charge and the distance to the target.
– Nickname your enemy
Generally all set for classic, successful and efficient game.




Sight Warrior (300 MB)

Sight “Strike” for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Interest and even more surprised the experienced player a good eye is not so easy. But we will try to do it today. The author of mod is a well-known modder Andre_V. A feature of mod is its color – bright green. The first author was trying to develop a sight that will be suitable for people with poor eyesight. That’s why this color was chosen.

But I’m sure a lot of players it is also useful. Advantages of mod:
– Readable on all types of maps
– Pleasing to the eye
– 3 types of information
– Displays enemy armor thickness
– Animation
– Designed in minimalist style

3 (5)

How to install:

Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.0.1/, confirming the replacement.


Sight Strike (2 MB)

New mod Navigator for World of Tanks (3 version)

mod for WOT

Considering the variety of additional subprograms developed for the game “World of Tanks”, they can be divided into two groups: made for beauty and benefit to the gamer during the battle. The latter should include a new development of the Navigator for World of tanks. The name speaks for itself. The route is pre-programmed. That’s just not working at all locations. But these are trifles in comparison with its functional.

On the mini-map shows the places showing where it is best to become, in order to fire more efficiently against the enemy. Moreover, after approaching such a site, the player will find out that a thick line appeared on the surface, along which it is necessary to go to the specified point.

mod for WOT

By the color of the route sign it’s easy to understand that it’s better not to stick to the heavy tank here – the engine’s power will not be enough to drag the steel giant onto a steep slope, but on the light tank this task will do. Also, on the ground, there are conventional signs, which will need to perform this or that maneuver to continue the movement – to make a turn or a few meters to pass backwards. A nice bonus was the bright line of the boundary of the game location and the contrast dotted line showing the base area.


Navigator mod (1 MB)


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AimBot Shaytan from ZorroJan for World of Tanks

Today we present a paid sight cheat but you will be able to use it for FREE.

We have already discussed the features of the forbidden sights, sights that give  players a significant advantage during battle. For this reason developers  forbid to use  modes from this category. Otherwise, you can be punished by WG: ban or block your account.

Today we present  not usual but special cheat scope Shaitan from ZorroJan. For use this scope you need to paid . What advantage this mod can give you:

– smart  pre-emption. A very useful feature. Mod independently calculate and make pre-emption depending on the speed and distance of the enemy.
– A takeover target for the obstacle
– Aiming point of the enemy. Now you can choose a weak point in the enemy’s armor and shoot right there
– If your enemy came in glare mod keeps following him.
– The ability to edit mod and suit it for you

Do not forget to use for editing program Notepad ++

Mod will work only for 21-02-2018



How to install:

res_mods scripts client mods ZJ_Mods xml ZJ_AimBotShaytan.xml


AimBotShaytan(907 KB)

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MOD_Zoom 0922_10 positions _x2-x60

If someone has a problem with aiming in sniper mode and the work of the commander’s chamber, then this mod is for you.
Annex 10-position “Commander-attack” assembly that is adapted to the client version 0.9.17.
Used scripting developments “koshnaranek” and others. Modified as deemed convenient.
Good luck!


Folder “res_mods” to unpack the root of the game


zoom-modx-10 position (78 Kb)

Camera Zoom mod x30 [9.22]


This mod will increases in several times the multiplicity of sight for  Snipe. Mode. If your opponent is very far away, to aim in it now become much easier. Use the mouse wheel for zoom in/out.

You will find several mod options in archive :

smooth zoom mod x30  (1.6 3 5 8 13 17 21 24 27 30)
fast zoom mod x30    (2 4 8 12 16 20 22 25 30)
smooth zoom mod x16    (2 4 8 12 16)
fast zoom mod x16   (2 4 8 16)
How to install:
To install a mod, download and unpack.
“gui” folder from the archive put here: …World_of_Tanksres_mods.9.22

Compatible with World of Tanks 9.22

Camera Zoom mod (100 KB)

Sight Eagle for World of Tanks 9.22

sight Eagle 2

sight Eagle 1

The author Marsoff pleased with the new version of the Eagle sight. This sight is adapted to the new version of the game World of Tanks 0.9.22, as well as improved the functionality of the sight. At the request and advice of players, he decided to improve it. And so, the health indicator will change color depending on how much you have left hp.

sight Eagle 3

Also you have the opportunity to see the recharge time until the next attack. Now you can see the nickname of the player (ally / enemy) and the name of the technique on which he is fighting. To do this, you just need to aim at the tank that you are interested in. This includes an arcade and sniper scope, as well as an animated crosshair.


Copy the files in “… World_of_Tanksres_mods.9.22guiscaleform ”


Sight Eagle (0.7 Mb)

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Mods for World of Tanks 0.9.22

Very soon will start another update for World of Tanks 9.22. What changes can we expect? Where can download mods? All this you will read in the next article.

On February 06th was released patch  0.9.22 and the installation folder for all mods changed.
To restore the functionality of most mods, rename the folders with the mods WOT res_mods 0.9.21 to WOT res_mods 0.9.22 and WOT mods 0.9.21 in WOT mods 0.9.22

Wargaming announced about large-scale technical changes that will occur in the new patch, so there is a high probability that this time the mods update will have to wait for a much longer than usual. We remind a list of the most popular mods:

General Mods for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other mods …

Crosshair (sight) for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other sights …

XVM for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other XVM mod…

Minimap For World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other Minimap…

Sounds for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other Sounds mod…

Hangars for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other hangars …

Hitzones (Weak Spots) for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other hitzones …

ModPacks for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other Mod Pack…

Damage Panel for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other Damage panel…

Contour icons for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other contour icon…

Program for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Cheats for World of Tanks 0.9.22:

Other program…

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World of Tanks 1.0. Gameplay trailer

You have not seen such “Tanks” yet. Such emotions for a long time did not test. In such battles have not been. New engine. New sound. New maps. Steeper than the first time! All of it about World of Tanks 1.0 which will in March 2018.

Hey guys here is video from quickie baby about WOT 1.0

We get to find out what the plans are for world of tanks in 2018 and it looks like we finally have a
the release date for what we’re calling HD maps but wargaming is now calling it World of Tanks 1.0.
Also, we’ve got in our game new graphics, it looks amazing redesigned.
Release date ladies and gentlemen for the HD maps wargaming have committed to March 2018.

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