Damage panel from Noobool for WOT 1.0.2

We offer a new, comfortable and practical damage panel  from Noobool.

Damage panel is an integral part for a good tanker. Its helps you to know about damage inflicted to you. Today, we want offer a new and informative damage panel. The author of this mod is a player NooBooL. The author has tried to make his mod convenient and rewarding for players.

At the bottom left of the screen you will be informed about all the hits and the damage inflicted on your tank. Plus you visually will know what type of projectile was a blow with the help of pictures. You will always be aware of the damage received, damage, type of projectile and released information about the shooting tanks. Install mod and control the game.




Damage Panel Noobool (200 KB)

Common test for WoT 1.0.2

On the general test, there is an update of 102. It is expected to return the Klondike map, improve customization, balance corrections of object 268, variant 4, in addition to several revised maps and two new Soviet tanks of the tenth level.

After the update 9.22 in the world of tanks tanks appeared “under the tarpaulin,” neither names nor technical characteristics were known, it is time to disrupt the covers. The total test goes to K 91 and the object 277.

K 91 is the crown in the development of Soviet medium tanks with a tower at the stern. By its qualities, this is the successor of the object 416. It has a thin armor of the hull and tower, normal for the Soviet medium tank mobility and a very interesting tool. One-time damage of 320 units, a bit for a tank of level 10. But this is more than offset by other characteristics:

  • accuracy
  • speed
  • intelligence
  • and most importantly a great damage per minute

Another plus machine is good for its class of disguise. Of the characteristics it is clear that the role of K 91 in combat is supported.

Another new Soviet tank facility is Object 277. The car is tuned so as to preserve the habits of the T-10, not to exclude the weaknesses, to maintain the dignity of good speed and maneuverability.

On the test came object 268 version 4 with new characteristics, when the car appeared, it immediately showed good efficiency, which is not surprising because the first to take it the best players.
This tank has excellent maneuverability and mobility, strong armor and high speed of backward movement. With what exact characteristics the tank will get in the update 1.0.2 is not yet known.

Now about the maps on the test, you can try 4 modified areas of editing were made based on statistics and reviews of players. On the robin, respawn teams became further apart, the bushes on the balcony grow in a new way and the relief has changed slightly.
On the slope, the church was unfolded and the low ground was made, a sprout was raised from the swamp. In general, the edits are aimed at strengthening the team that plays with the top base.

With the fjords the same number of edits so that players from the top base played more successfully. Here, houses were built that cover the road from shelling with
lower base. On the outskirts of the ravine it became more convenient to play from the tower. On the descent from the hill an alternative exit to the base appeared.

Erlenberg received his portion of the edits. The biggest changes have occurred in the castle area, it will be more difficult to defend it. The position on the shore has improved, now it is more convenient to shelter from here.

More detail about update 1.0.2 in the video below

Set of sights Storm for World of Tanks 1.0.1 WOT

This set of sights Storm for World of tanks 1.0.1 is designed to facilitate the life of virtual tankmen. When you point the barrel at the opponent’s tank, the sight can catch fire with three different colors, red means that the probability of damaging the enemy tends to zero, yellow – a chance about 50%, and green signals that you have found a weak spot in booking the enemy and simply it is necessary to make a shot. Now you will forget about the annoying phrase “Do not break” and start to damage everyone 🙂


Sights Storm (1 MB)

Warhammer Modpack – mods from the Clan Blood Ravens for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Installing modpack from the Blood Ravens, each gamer guarantees a more attractive and unique recreation process, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. The assembly of mods in the style of Warhammer is not only convenient in the installation process, as indicated by the installer with a nice design and a lot of hints about installing a particular configuration, but also directly on the battlefield.

After reading the name of the topic, it’s not hard to guess that all the modifications in the assembly are made in the style of Warhammer. The creator tried to maximize the use of his skills and the presence in the game of the ability to improve in order to help gamers enjoy every detail.

The assembly contains a large number of artillery, sniper and arcade sights, there is the possibility to change the game voice, panel damage, log damage, panel display modules of the machine, light sixth sense, hangar type, display after combat statistics in the hangar, XVM, personal indicators during battle and much more.


Warhammer Modpack (513 MB)

YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics For WoT 1.0.1


This mod makes the message after the fight – colored. There are three versions of this mod. You can download any. This mod has won great popularity on the Russian forum.




Download mod and extract to your ‘World of Tanks’ folder.


Full & Lite (YasenKrasen + Session Statistics) |SoloReborn|:

YasenKrasen_Mini_1.0.1.0 (2 MB)

YasenKrasen_Vanilla_1.0.1.0 (2 MB)

YasenKrasen_Core_1.0.1.0 (2 MB)

[1.0.1] XVM Config by Bones


Friends! Meet another version of VCM mod. At this time, the player “superbones” took the best ideas of all existing configs and gathered them together into a single mod. Mod compatible with 1.0.1 update

BonesXVMConfig1 BonesXVMConfig minimap


Updated to XVM ver. 7.6.0, build 7569 for WoT 1.0.1


Download and unzip the file
res_mods folder from the archive to put here: …/WoT/

Click here to enable XVM Stats


Bones XVM Config (No Stats) (9 Mb)

Bones XVM Config (Wn8 & HP in Panels) (9 Mb)




The new version of 29 August. Now the opportunity to destroy the enemy shot is blocked for two seconds in order not to waste ammunition or destroy ally accidental shot. Very useful! Author: Skino88

Hot to install:

Folder from the downloaded archive to put in World_of_Tanks res_mods


safeshot (36 kb)

[1.0.1] Sight Warrior for World of Tanks

Sight Warrior – has only a set of the most necessary modifications during the battle.

The sight Warrior uses only the most necessary and essential qualities during the battle:

– Color – bright green, which will be visible on all types of maps.

– A circle of information that will inform you about its ready (it will flash green).

– Good thing for players is the testimony of the enemy armor. This feature is present here. Different colors will inform you about the reservation  level and result of your shot. For example, red means that armor is too thick and your shot will not effect, green – your shot will be successful, yellow – damage.

– On the screen will be shown information about weapons charge and the distance to the target.
– Nickname your enemy
Generally all set for classic, successful and efficient game.




Sight Warrior (300 MB)

[1.0.1] Mod “Shadow of the spotted tank”

Friends! We are glad to present mod which will be very useful and  will find a lot of its fans. Mod  “Shadow of the spotted tank” will give you  extra time for your sight.


The enemy spot on the minimap is not very convenient  for the player in combat much more convenient the spotted enemy tank  in the battlefield. If you install mod “Shadow of the spotted tank”  you will be able to verify this. Unlike standard spot shown on a mine-map in the form of points, this mod displays enemy as the shadow of skins though any color for your choice.

Also the advantage of this modification is the extra time that you will be have holding the ALT key.
Another mod advantage is a convenient  configuration file of the tank. There are 2 mod options to choose from: the old one and the new with the ability to change  shade color of the tank.
Despite its advantage during combat mod  completely legal and you can not be afraid to have a ban for its uses. So you can use it’s safe  and have a great victories for you.


How to use?

– “Delay”: 10 – time display tank after leaving the spot;
– “ShowKey”: “KEY_LALT” – hot key to display the shadow of tanks after 10 seconds;
– “ShadowTypeSolidColorSet”: “12D4FF” – tank  color


Copy the folders scripts and system in WOT / res_mods / 1.0.1/.


mod_shadow (200 KB)