[1.2.0] Coloured lights of selected tank in carousel

You can improve your hangar interface with mod colored lights of selected tank in carousel.

Mod almost does not have practical use and does not give the player an advantage in battle. You can only improve your hangar interface and get comfortable and intuitive carousel in the hangar. But it is great. Now you can get  bright, illuminates carousel of tanks and can accurately select only one tank, which you need for battle. Player expect 10 different color variants of mod. Author of modification is Atmaxx.

Mod Features:
– Mod does not conflict with XVM and modpacks
– You can choose the illuminated contours or contours of tanks + background

Image 4

Image 3Image 2


Copy the folders gui  and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.2.0/


carousel  (1 MB)

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