Hawg’s modpack

I am sure all of you well know some Hawg’s mods. Mods from this author are popular and useful so today we decided to offer a whole modpack from this modder. There are 30 mods there. Such as:

–  Hawg Xvm mod

–  Hawg’s x60 zoom

–  Hawg’s Arty zoom out

–  Hawg’s AutoLogin

– Hawg’s Damage indicator

–  Hawg’s BattleScore

–  Hawg’s DamageLog

–  Hawg’s 2 to 4 row Carousel

–  Hawg’s DamageLog

– Hawg’s HighCaliber indicator

– Hawg’s Hitlog

– Hawg’s Platoon icon markers

– Hawg’s Tank Sky Zoom Out

– Hawg’s Postmortem Helper

– Hawg’s Total HP Tracker

–  Hawg’s SixthSense mod

–  Hawg’s Real Time Battle Score

– Hawg’s Contour Icons

– Hawg’s Blue SkyDome

– Hawg’s Damage Indicator

– Hawg’s DamagePanel

– Hawg’s Paintball

– Hawg’s Small Carousel Flags

-Hawg’s RadialMenu

– Hawg’s UnderWater

– Hawg’s Spg & TD Tactical Minimap’s

– Hawg’s Cap Circle

– Hawg’s WOT players button

– Hawg’s Mark of Excellence

– Hawg’s Army Shell’s

All the best and most popular Hawg’s mods you will find in this modpack


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