WoT Tweaker Plus for 1.2.0

Meet one of the best programs to raise the FPS game.
This program can turn off any effects and texture compression of the game. The program is included in the ModPack by Jove and it is fully compatible with the update 1.2.0

Wot tweaker plus eng


In this program, there is only one drawback – it is completely in Russian. But do not worry for you, we have translated it into English.

Wot tweaker plus eng2

Game folder path: CGamesWorld_of_Tanks

  • EXPERIMENTAL: disable multi-core support
  • Preload sounds
  • High details (uncheck to decrease)
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Wreckage smoke
  • Shot smoke and flames
  • Shell explosion effects
  • Tank hit effects
  • Tank destruction effects
  • Object hit effects
  • Object destruction effects
  • Tree motion effects
  • Clouds
  • Intro movie
  • Disable noobs in allied team =)
  • Texture Repack


  • Download and unzip.
  • Run the file “WoTTweakerPlus.09201.exe”
  • Put a mark beside the effects that you want to disable.
  • Put the degree of texture compression and press the “Clear”


WoTTweaker (572 kb)

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